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New MOL Training Standards Impact JHSC Certification

What are Joint Health and Safety Committees, and where are they required?

A Joint Health and Safety Committees(JHSC) is a committee of at least two
persons, who represent the workers and the employer at a workplace. Their
primary role is to identify workplace health and safety problems and bring
them to the attention of the employer. Section 9 of OHSA requires a JHSC at:

  • Any workplace that regularly employs 20 or more workers;
  • Construction projects expected to last three months or longer with
    20 or more workers;
  • Any workplace (other than a construction project) to which a
    designated substance regulation applies;
  • Any workplace where an order has been issued under OHSA section 33,
    dealing with toxic substances
  • Any workplace where the Minister of Labour orders one to be

Workplaces with more than five but less than 20 workers are not usually
required to have a JHSC. Instead, workers must select a person from among
themselves to be a health and safety representative.

Under the new Program Standard, there will be three JHSC Certification
Training courses: Part One, Part Two, and Refresher Training.

Part One Training:

  • 3 days (19.5 hours)

Topics include: occupational health and safety law; rights, duties
and responsibilities; hazard recognition, assessment and control, and
evaluation of hazard controls.

Part Two Training:

  • 2 days (13 hours)
  • Training on a minimum of 6 hazards relevant to the workplace
  • Training focuses on RACE methodology (Recognition, Assessment and
    Control of hazards, and Evaluation of the hazard controls)

Under the new Program Standard, there will be three JHSC Certification
Training courses: Part One, Part Two, and Refresher Training.

Refresher Training:

  • 1 day (6.5 hours)

Topics include review of key concepts from Part One and Part Two
Training, updates to legislation, standards, codes of practice and
occupational health and safety best practices; and an opportunity for
certified members to share and discuss best practices

Do the new standards affect a JHSC member certified under the 1996

No, JHSC members certified under the 1996 Standards are not required to
complete any additional training with the new JHSC Certification Training
Standards, nor are they required to complete Refresher training to maintain
their certification.

However, as of March 1, 2016, JHSC members who have completed only Part One
Training under the 1996 Standards will have to complete Part Two Training
with the new Standards in order to be certified and will be required to take
Refresher Training every three years to maintain certification.

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