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Fall Protection Certification (Fall Arrest)

Course Length – 4 Hours

This Fall Protection safety training course provides participants with the knowledge to know when to wear protective equipment and how to use it. This course will assist employees in properly hooking up a safety harness, when to use it, connecting to anchor points, the physics involved, as well as the responsibilities of the employer, supervisor and worker.

The course consists of the following topics:

  • Familiarize Employers, Supervisors and Workers of their responsibility under the Occupational Health and Safety Act and its Regulations.Persons in charge of Health and Safety at the workplace
  • Identify when Fall Arrest Equipment is required and what type.
  • When to use, when not to use after inspection.
  • Who should be trained from supervisors to workers.
  • What is Fall Arrest Equipment
  • Inspection, Care and Maintenance.

Legislative Reference:

Ont. Reg. 67/93 Health Care and Residential Facilities s. 10 (1)
Ont. Reg. 213/91 Construction Projects s. 21 (3), 26.2 (1)
Ont. Reg. 851 – Industrial Establishments s. 79

2017 Upcoming Course Dates

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